Expansion of Seafood Park at Scrabster Harbour

Wash and Brush Up (copyright Jamie Buchanan)

Sadly, one of the effects of the rapid expansion of Scrabster harbour within the current confines (as opposed to, say, extension along Scrabster beach) has been something of a sidelining of smaller boats.

Complaints from leisure boat owners were purportedly met with the suggestion they relocate to Wick marina, whilst single fishing boat operators have found it more difficult to find a mooring and witnessed more damage to their crafts. The slipway shown above in a snap by Jamie Buchanan is green, but beforehand would have been thick with growth: for good or bad, the increased currents with the opening-up of the harbour mean it and other parts of the harbour are less green.

All the same, it is good news that with the modernization of the Seafood Park, JPL Shellfish is looking forward to accessing new markets.


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