Complaint to Police Regarding Caithness Councilor’s Expenses

It is being reported that a complaint has been passed to Police regarding expenses claims of a Caithness local Councillor during the May 2012 election campaign. Although not formally named, it is understood to be Landward councilor, Alex Macleod.

The complaint relates to Macleod’s non-filing of his stay at a hotel flat in Wick as part of his declarations which were £88.43 below the limit for his ward. As yet it is unclear if the first point of call were the Electoral Commission, which considered similar complaints against Conservative MP [and, admittedly, considerably more wealthy] Zac Goldsmith during the 2010 General Election.

Ultimately, Goldsmith was spared a Police investigation although he was admonished by the Electoral Commission for sharp practice. This is not the first time the question has has been of whether nor not Macleod’s expenses were made within the spirit as well as letter of the law.

Now 20, Macleod was the youngest local councilor elected in May 2012 when he made the rather grandiloquent promise that the Highland Council would “not know what hit it”.


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