Jigsaw Morning

As a term for the main evening meal in the more northern parts of the larger of the two principal islands off the north-west coast of Europe, teatime is a contraction of high tea or meat tea.  Afternoon tea, on the other hand, was the equivalent of a mid-afternoon snack consisting of cakes, scones with cream and jam or, even more luxuriously, cucumber sandwiches.

I found a battered jigsaw case in a cupboard, and spent the better part of this morning laying out its one thousand pieces. Sunday Teatime (still in production) is based on a painting by landscape and interior painter, Stephen Darbishire.

(It has been almost 60 years since he produced an… erm… imaginative photographic representation of a UFO; also available as a jigsaw.)

Still operating from his 17th Century cottage in the Lake District, Darbishire has used the above scene for several of his several paintings based on permutations of scrumptious snacks, cut flowers, lazy dogs and shafts of sunlight.

Darbishire’s daughter, Naomi also has a web presence where she touts her specialty cooking oils and vinegars. Checking her recipe page, I see I am not the only person to consider drinking dilute vinegar.


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