Public Display in Thurso For Tesco Plans

After three years with no traction on their Thurso site, Tesco’s lease runs out on 17 January 2013. They are seeking another three years, and this week held a public display at their current store in Thurso.

I do not go in for reflexive Tesco-bashing. Anyone who remembers the dismal selection available in Caithness shops in the 90s cannot, in all seriousness (or, rather, would not, if they were being serious) bash a major co-operation with the money to spare which gives selections otherwise found at the end of a 200 mile round-trip. And, when criticism of Tescopoly with the inevitable call for Asda as the Prince Across the Water strikes as odd considering Asda is owned by that behemoth, Wallmart… but, c’mon, this is getting ridiculous.


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