State of Scottish Roads

Bad editing in the listing of Noel Donaldson’s column on regarding the state of public roads in the Highlands and Islands:

Highlands & Islands road safety campaigner and MSP, David Stewart has highlighted the fact that 61% of Scotland’s road markings are barely visible.

David Stewart said “ We have about 1030km of roads in Scotland and we are the worst in the UK when it comes to the visibility of road markings. 40% of markings on our motorways and dual carriageways need immediate replacement and there is evidence which supports the fact that clear road markings can reduce road collisions”

He continued “ The Scottish Government through Transport Scotland have signed up to the maintenance standard of markings on our roads, but clearly they are falling short. I will be writing to the Transport Minister to ascertain what plans the Government have for addressing this less than satisfactory issue”

Reading that as it was written, my first thought was… only 1030 km of road in Scotland? What are we? Iceland? Checking the North Star, I see that the 1030 km figure refers to the length of sub-standard roads which rank amongst the worst in Britain.

Grim stuff, all the same.


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