SNP MSP Invites Group Named After 1980s Animated Series

From Better Together, an SNP MSP identifies with a group called “Ninja Militant Turtles” and advocates heckling a public meeting of pro-Union supporters. David Torrance, who arrived from nowhere with a majority just 150 to win the Kirkcaldy Holyrood seat from Labour; and would appear to be another of the untested candidates whom the great panjandrum will have to contend with over the next few years.

The public meeting is to be co-hosted by Gordon Brown and Tom Devine, and Torrance provided the contact details for the former’s Westminster office. If anything, any public appearance by Brown should be allowed to proceed for sheer novelty sake.


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31 Responses to “SNP MSP Invites Group Named After 1980s Animated Series”

  1. a ninja turtle Says:

    Speaking as a member of the group you are talk mg about ,I have to correct you.
    We do not advocate heckling.
    We have been to many such events and have NEVER heckled anyone.
    Bernard Ponsonby described our method as ‘gentile and dignified’ at the launch of he no campaign.
    The same was said by channel 4, BBC news,channel 5 news,sky news,and Russia today.
    With regards to this particular event a were just informed that there would, be a public meeting and how to get tickets of that public meeting.
    Nothing sinister, and nothing bad at all.
    Unlike the BNP groups who are prying and threatening violence against the members of our group.
    Or.indeed the orange order, who’s grand secretary has said outright that the orange order will become an underground paramilitary terrorist organisation should they reckon independence is imminent.

    All we do is respect,truly and with dignity exercise our democratic rights.
    Are the no campaign so afraid of a group of 10 or 12 political activists that they would slander us, attempt to say we are something we are somehow sinister?
    Of course they would as their method is simple…… Don’t attack the,message…. Attack the messengers…… And in doing so dilute the positive message with their slurs.

    We are committed to legal, non violent exercising of our democratic rights.
    How is that sinister?

    • efrafandays Says:

      Yes, but what happens when there’s no pizza left?

      • a proud turtle Says:

        Is this a democratic and unbiased page or will we start resorting to humour to dismiss the facts?
        If a point needs to be made why not promote a debate where both sides can present their arguments? The page has been targeted and the facts twisted and bended to suit the unionist stance which is far from democratic, we do not promote violence and will never condone with it, unfortunately comments pointing in that direction can be found on both sides of the argument but there was never any incentive to violence and bigotry on our page.

      • efrafandays Says:

        D’you take turns at playing Splinter?

      • a proud turtle Says:

        Do you suffer from a unionist inclination and therefore a biased opinion? As a blogger who publishes about politics you should keep an open mind on the matter and an unbiased vision as well.

      • efrafandays Says:

        I’m being attacked with toothpicks!

        As difficult as it is to take seriously anyone who names themselves after a 1980s flash ‘n the pan ‘toon which was considered naff even then, okay then.

        I didn’t suggest you were promoting bigotry or violence. Unless you turn up at these events in Donatello masks and sit quietly in the corner, you do something to attract attention. Or is it all about the pizza?

      • a proud turtle Says:

        It’s all about the cause and having an active voice instead of allowing Unionists to speak for us and against us.
        It’s our democratic right to attend all debates and defend our case, attracting attention does not mean being disrespectful, the only thing Mr. David did, was presenting us with an opportunity to be heard, like in all legal debates, both sides must be represented in order for them take place otherwise it’s a monologue.
        Our page has no direct links to any political party, we are pro-independence therefore all the accusations made against, the SNP are incorrect not to say untrue.

      • efrafandays Says:

        Yes, because there’s a vast conspiracy which has fooled the gullible masses. Fortunately you are more intelligent and insightful than they.

        You keep going on about having a “democratic right” to attend. In fact, you don’t. This event is not an essential part of voting registration or delivery of message, but a stand-alone fun-looking speech which you just cannot thole the thought of being kept out of.

        Political parties and initiatives frequently invite guest speakers or hold closed-door events open only to their members.

        And taking your petulant stomp of the foot to its logical conclusion, any event of this type which charges entry “denies the democratic right” to those who cannot afford it. See how ridiculous you sound?

        Of course, being such good people, the organizers have opened it to all. You will be quite free to attend and ask pertinent questions… maybe even hold your own wee stall outside, to catch arrivals.. Yet, judging by the tittering tone adopted by both a supposedly responsible MSP and the responders – and, let’s reiterate, your decisions to name yourselves after a 1980s animated series – it’s fairly clear the intention is to draw attention to yourselves and away from the delivery of the speech.

        At the very best, you come across as the equivalent of the stroppy teenager who arses about in class or asks nonsense questions as attentive pupils are trying to learn.

        So much for others’ democratic right to listen to the speech.

        I’m not sure what relevance the BNP and Orange Order has to this discussion. Maybe you [1] were trying to chuck in as much extraneous details and tie your opponent up in endless verification.

        Deep-fried pizzas all round!

        [1] Because it was you, was it not? You do realize that I get an overview for comments? This shows that ‘a proud turtle’ is posting from the same IP as ‘a nina turtle’ no matter how much they’ve changed the posting handle and e-mail address.

      • original turtle poster Says:

        LOL we are aware that you can see IP addresses and such like.
        we can also see you like to make presumptions.
        do you also realise that two people, when using the same wifi connection can have the same IP address?
        the relevance of the BNP/SDL and Orange order are blatantly obvious.
        THEY are on your side of the debate, they are committing acts of violence and also threatening to become paramilitary terrorist organisations on behalf of the side of the debate YOU are on.
        how does that feel?

        finally… sorry i don’t do deep fried pizzas, i’d rather have a nice classic stone baked pizza :-)
        two different people…. two different emails…
        you make me laugh.. you typify the unionists with your presumption… presumption that is always wrong and then layered with imagined falsehoods..

      • a proud turtle Says:

        There’s absolutely nothing wrong with my manners, as far as I’m concerned I was always polite and tried to give you my point of view and defend my case even though you have a biased opinion on the matter. The only person who resorted to “humour” and trolling was you by making comments about pizzas and making fun of the name chosen by us to identify the page, which clearly shows you’re not taking the people involved in it seriously.

        You were the one who felt the need to track IP addresses instead of simply agreeing on disagreeing, as far as I’m concerned I respect your opinions agreeing or not with them, so if someone is acting childish that would be you for feeling so offended by an innocent remark which also shows you have ego issues as well.

        And allow me to correct you, you were the one accusing us of being the same person so we showed you some courtesy and explained the situation because it would be unfair to let you dwell on that completely wrong idea, so if that is childish how would you describe your own attitude towards us?

        Finally, do not assume I’m abandoning this conversation due to lack of arguments, I simply don’t see the pointo insisting in it, it became quite clear to me that you have a personal agenda and I’m afraid I don’t wish to remain part of it, I have no quarrel with you, I have absolutely nothing against the English people, and I have nothing but respect for the Unionist point of view, although I do have a problem with how some chose to express it, the page where this unfortunate picture was released is one of those cases, it’s sad that someone felt the need to hide itself behind a fake profile trying to humiliate Nationalists when today we all saw how far Loyalists/Unionists can go to make a point, or will you claim to be “detached” from the latest events on Belfast? As you can see both sided of this argument fail, after all we are nothing but humans, and humans do fail.

      • efrafandays Says:

        You are a post modern hypocrite who thinks they can say whatever they like and make it into truth simply by dint of their saying so.

        I’m a skulking coward? This coming from someone posting as a 1980s animated character! You couldn’t make it up! But you did! For free! Again!

        Nothing wrong with [your] manners my foot. It’s all there in easily visible ASCII format. I wouldn’t be engaging with a pair of weirdos like you had youse not erupted onto my blog and, for all your initial professed reasonableness and playful tone, quickly revealed a tendency for snarling agression.

        I’m not here to decent the Turtles page or them as individuals, they don’t need a defence, they are far more greater than this

        I have no quarrel with you, I have absolutely nothing against the English people, and I have nothing but respect for the Unionist point of view,

        Ooo, what’s up? Getting a bit worried that you’ve queered the pitch? I hadn’t speculated as to your feelings towards the English, for a start. It was all down to the evident emotional and political maturity in anyone who names themselves after a 1980s animated series.

        Before the pair of youse popped-up here, Torrance had thrown-away any claim to plausible deniability that he only was asking people to attend when he effectively endorsed the first comment on his Wall post. That is, to fill every seat… so much for the democratic right of supporters to attend.

        Of course, I don’t think this was a serious possibility. I just think that youse and Torrance are dragging the discussion into a cauldron battle of the stupid wars.

        Anyway, I thought you said you were leaving. Why are you back?

  2. a proud turtle Says:

    Curious that you accuse me of being both turtles present on this “debate” because I’m not, and since I’m using my phone rather than a computer it sounds even more unlikely for me to be 2 different persons at the same time, not to mention our different genders because I’m a female, and I certainly don’t need to use 2 different aliases to prove one single point so enough with the conspiracy theories.

    I reserve myself the right to demand my democratic rights and use them any time I see fit, and since I don’t have a stall at all your argument is not valid.

    Your political stance is quite obvious therefore I see no point in continuing this conversation when you seen to be extremely focused on criticizing than in understanding our points of view.

  3. efrafandays Says:

    Oh, please, this shared appliance malarky is so old it’s got a book in the Bible named after it.

    Even if it’s true, what exactly? Your mum and dad are away, and have left you both with Internet access? Whoever you are, it’s not exactly a grassroots movement expressing itself.

    As for making presumptions:

    Do you suffer from a unionist inclination and therefore a biased opinion?

    You couldn’t make it up. But you/you (depending on if this is in the singular or plural) did. For free!

    I reserve myself the right to demand my democratic rights […]

    I have suggested why you have no such “right” in this case. By all means offer a rebuttal. Trying to make it true by clicking your heels together aint going to work.

    […]and use them any time I see fit,

    Me, me, me! These are my democratic rights! Mine, mine, mine!

    and since I don’t have a stall at all your argument is not valid.

    I did not say you did. I used the conditional. And, regardless of what I said, the argument remains valid until you can offer a rebuttal beyond a petulant stamp of your foot that it "is not valid" (anyone who has worked with children or been one themselves will recognize the "it's not fair" whine when "it's not what I want" is closer to the truth).

  4. efrafandays Says:

    THEY are on your side of the debate, they are committing acts of violence and also threatening to become paramilitary terrorist organisations on behalf of the side of the debate YOU are on.
    how does that feel?

    I feel as I always do when confronted by a a cut price demagogue and a barefaced liar. As I said, I don’t think you really have any serious commitment to open discussion, and simply are bandying around unrelated comments in the hope of tying your opponent up in endless verification.

    There once was a Police chief in Berlin…

  5. original turtle poster Says:

    rofl.. right the reason we “share an appliance”.. as you put it.. is because… we…live…in…the…same…house!
    we are a couple………
    however while we do have many shared views and opinions, both of us wanted to have our say here individually.

    • efrafandays Says:

      You said “lol” and “rofl”, sweet merciful Jesus you said “lol” and “rofl”! I thought naming yourselves after a naff 1980s animated series was bad enough!

      It’s not so much your chronological age which is at doubt here as it is your emotional age.

      we are a couple………

      Don’t tell him Pike!

      The Turtles… possibly the first political grouping with a shared gas bill.

      Now, about that Police chief in Berlin…

      • a proud turtle Says:

        I honestly don’t know what you’re on about but I’m starting to think you have mental issues or been fed with some dubious information, who exactly is the liar here? And what does my family had to do with any of this? As far as I’m aware they don’t even know how to work a computer, they have better things to do, and since when being a couple is a problem or an impediment?

        You sound very biased to me and that becomes obvious by the minute, I’m not here to decent the Turtles page or them as individuals, they don’t need a defence, they are far more greater than this and being badmouthed by some coward and childish people doesn’t make them less worthy of respect on the other hand it makes you less worthy of it by standing on the side of people capable of doing such things behind fake profiles and hiding their faces, seem that you’re also in contact with the page itself so instead of trying to bring the fight to this wee blog of yours you should go there and make a point, stand your ground.

        And to end this discussion, if you felt the need to use our personal life to state your case that only means you have no other arguments, therefore there’s no point in continuing this.

      • efrafandays Says:

        I honestly don’t know what you’re on about […]

        Maybe that’s down to your comprehension skills.

        […] but I’m starting to think you have mental issues […]

        What a load of filth you’re dropping on this thread. Inferring psych problems from petty disagreements has a long and rightfully wretched pedigree.

        And to end this discussion, if you felt the need to use our personal life to state your case that only means you have no other arguments, therefore there’s no point in continuing this.

        You are a bad mannered troll, and like most trolls you have no sense of humour or self-awareness. The pair of you chose to start commenting here. The pair of you introduced the matter of your relationship and place of domicile, and now – like a spiteful malicious child – are lashing out.

  6. Pax Says:

    here’s some filth for you….
    this is a video of the types of people on the no campaign
    click for video of lovely rioting unionists

    oh and look at this juxtaposition here

    • efrafandays Says:

      There you go again. Changing your posting handles like this does sort of suggest you’re not committed to open debate. (I assume it’s still the same weirdo, and not a housemate or summat.)

      As for your latest attempt to splatter the thread with extraneous information and tie your opponent up in endless verification, you have further plumbed the depths of your ignorance to reveal a lacuna of knowledge about Norn Ireland (not to mention an analogue of the same ugly nationalist bigotry which feeds the sectarian fightfest there).

      As Austen would say, you do not deserve the compliment of a rational opposition.

      That’s fancy talk, by the way, for you don’t have a chuffin’ clue.

  7. Pax Says:

    hmmmz… html didn’t work on the pic so here is the link

    • a proud turtle Says:

      Weirdo?? Well, i must confess i’ve been called worse, you sound like a spoiled brat that doesn’t take a no for an answer, you already lost this argument and yet you keep trying to have the last word, you keep insisting on the same points, and you keep insisting we are the same person to try to make us disclose our identities if your stuck on an endless verification its because you’re not that well informed on the latest events, and if you can’t tell the differences between our posting styles then you’re also naive.

      As i said, i respect your unionist points of view, so show us the same courtesy instead of having a fit because i chose to end my side of this discussion, i have no pleasure in banging my head agaist walls and this conversation makes me feel like i am, not to mention the fact that i’m attributing to this page an importance that it most certainly does not deserve.

      • efrafandays Says:

        I think we all have been at school with somone who had to be the centre of attention and went around flicking-off other kids.

        Bit embarassing in a fully grown adult, though.

  8. Pax the original turtle poster Says:

    waaaaaait a minute…… how the hell can you compare what’s happening in Belfast with Scotland?
    Now you have lost it lady!
    The problems in Belfast are these……
    the city elected the council members.
    the council members as the delegated, elected representatives of the city then have a vote.
    in this vote they decide to only fly the union flag 15 days a year on state occasions…
    … the result…? a thousand orangemen/loyalists RIOT in the streets… 17 people injured, building damaged, a bus hijacked and all sorts and those are british nationalists.. BRITISH.. which , if you watch the video, you will see them proclaim often and loudly.
    now tell me lady Einstein….. when have the civic nationalists in Scotland EVER done that?
    I happen to know plenty about northern Ireland after serving there in the Army in the late 80’s,early 90’s and thus i know a lot more about it than you presume.
    If you look at the demonstration,protests and rallies by Scottish civic nationalists..
    check here

    thousands upon thousands of people, all marching peacefully and in a dignified manner. it was a great day and the only trouble?
    some BNP/SDL types who got arrested and are going through the courts just now for charges including inciting violence, assault of a police officer, resisting arrest and other charges for the language they were using at everyone.

    see example photo for the differences.

    As for having you on the hunt for “endless varification”.. well that just shows how out of the loop you are in current affairs and what is actually happening in reality.
    so again let’s look at some video evidence Civic Scots Nationionalists Civic Scots nationalists
    versus unionists unionists

    get a grip

    • efrafandays Says:

      Lady? D’you see feminine attributes as a sign of intellectual or moral weakness?

      You introduced the distractionary matter if Norn Ireland. Can you even keep track of your own lies?

      Proverbs 26:4.

  9. Pax the original turtle poster Says:

    no i saw you quoting Austen… not many blokes do that you see.
    thus it was a simple matter of deduction.
    the orange/BNP/SDL types were mentioned as people on YOUR side of the debate, supporters of the union.
    they are self proclaimed british nationalists and while YOU were happy to throw accusations of how awful our protests were, i placed the orange/bnp/sdl information there to juxtaposition them and what we do.
    we are a peaceful group who seek tpo promote our side of the debate.
    they are a bunch of racist, bigoted thugs.
    those are YOUR political bedfellows and they have also threatened to become a terrorist organisation in Scotland….
    i am not lying, you can check for yourself.
    you make me laugh to be honest….

    • a proud turtle Says:

      Interesting to see how damn fast you accuse other people of being LIARS are you sure you’re not a LIAR yourself? Since the very beginning you have done nothing other than insult us what the hell is wrong with you? If you don’t want us to reply to you or at the very least explain our case than back off and end this conversation, if someone needs to grow up is you, and of someone in here likes to be the centre of attention that would be you as well.

      • efrafandays Says:

        You cannot tell me or anyone else what to do, you pathetic middle-class nobodies.

        There is summat quite surreal about being lectured to on civility and proper behavior by a pair of weirdos sitting opposite each other at the computer table, posting as characters from a naff 1980s animated series as they scream and shout at someone on that person’s blog.

        You now are in the narcissistic fury stage in which, after your sarcastic teenager act failed to impress, are lashing-out and trying to run your opponent into the ground.

        You pleaded to be taken seriously and met halfway on this. I won’t because your views are of no value. And, no, criticism of you is not criticism of whichever cause you espouse. Criticism of you is criticism of you; although the narcissist generally has difficulty telling the two apart.

        You keep saying the conversation is over, and you keep returning… so to all your other unattractive traits, we can add untrustworthiness and low personal standards.

      • Pax the original turtle poster Says:

        i’ll leave you to your pomposity and pop psychology.

      • efrafandays Says:

        No-one forced youse to comment here, and youse won’t be missed. The disgrace is all yours.

        As far as I can tell, this is the only blog piece on your bizarrely self-important group. Youse weren’t heard-of last week, and youse won’t be known about next week.

        Although not as rapidly as Johnny Marbles – who literally did it in 15 minutes – youse’ve gone from zero to hero to zero again. Enjoy your richly deserved obscurity.

    • efrafandays Says:

      no i saw you quoting Austen… not many blokes do that you see.
      thus it was a simple matter of deduction.

      !!! There are some real paranoid, delusional weirdos out there who think they are making logical deductions.

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