Impounding Drink Drivers’ Vehicles…

… but the clartier the better.

When new legislation was introduced which called for the confiscation of drink-drivers’ vehicles when they were found to be three or more times over the limit, it appeared to be a leveller. Progressive, if you like.

Thus, more wealthy or higher paid individuals who, appropriately, are more likely to purchase more expensive vehicles, were to experience a proportionately similar punishment than lower paid offenders who may well be driving less expensive vehicles.

Unless there are extraneous considerations thus far unreported, it would appear not to be so. Sheriff Robert McCreadie at Perth Sheriff Court rejected the attempt by the Crown to seize a £25,000 Mercedes sl500 (now worth £9,000) – belonging to an offender who had been four times over the limit – because of its monetary value.


2 Responses to “Impounding Drink Drivers’ Vehicles…”

  1. Trespassers Will Says:

    Sorry to post off-topic Alec, but if you have a branch of Sainsbury’s nearby, they have Lurpak butter on special offer. 2 x250 gram packs for £2. It’s normally at least £3.
    It keeps very well in the freezer you know. I bought ten packs this morning. They’ve got some good offers on pre-packed fresh meat too, the good quality packs of sausages and steak-burger, 3 packs for £6.

    I don’t think I will ever be buying a Mercedes, but at the rate I’m going I will soon be too fat to get behind the wheel anyway.

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