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Killer Whales Metres from Scrabster Harbour


C. Karen Munro

Over recent years, cetacean sightings around the Caithness coat has been markedly low. Not so this summer.

Less than a week after she photographed a pod of killer whales in Thurso Bay, Karen Munro of Caithness Sea Watching caught another scene.

This time the pod came almost directly into Scrabster harbour, in full view of tourists and locals. The water was said to be boiling with the whales and sea-birds and, presumably, a shoal of fish being driven by the whales.


Killer Whales in Thurso Bay


Certainly a more peaceful scene than one Karen Munro of Caithness Sea Watching previously snapped. A pod of killer whales can be seen sauntering past Scrabster harbour.

Killer Whales Hunting Dolphins Off Caithness Coast


It took me aback for a mo’ to realize that The Trials of Life was first broadcast almost 22 years ago, when it introduced a great many viewers to the sight of animals killing animals for food with more-than-a-hint of gratuitous violence; including killer whales in Patagonia hunting and toying with sea-lions.