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Wick Bus Pelted With Stones


I have a fond memory of being at the top of Elm Row in Edinburgh when I saw a little squirt throw some item a bus.  The driver did not flinch (it was soft and did not damage the window) and simply drove on.

Little squirt chortled with his friends.

Less than a minute later a Police car tears around the corner (we were almost on top of Gayfield Police Station), and out leaps a female officer who grabs little squirt without paying any attention to his friends.  Clearly there was CCTV on the bus, and a direct link to the Po-Po.

Either little squirt was splashed by cars driving through puddles, or he made at a little squirt himself.

In contrast, Stagecoach buses in Caithness do not appear to have such equippment as local Police still are seeking the Wick High School pupils who smashed the windows of a moving bus last week.


Killer Whales Hunting Dolphins Off Caithness Coast


It took me aback for a mo’ to realize that The Trials of Life was first broadcast almost 22 years ago, when it introduced a great many viewers to the sight of animals killing animals for food with more-than-a-hint of gratuitous violence; including killer whales in Patagonia hunting and toying with sea-lions.


Portland Arms, Lybster to Re-Open


Not yet online as far as I can see (although, it will be once I upload), I am told that the Portland Arms in Lybster is to re-open after being its previous owners closed two months ago. This former coaching inn represents one of the first sights drivers across the Ord of Caithness from down south see, and that of shuttered-up windows has been a poor advertizement for Caithness as more and more people sped through to get the ferry to Orkney.

It has gone through a number of owners over the past few years, although with luck the current owners will make a go of it.

Caithness Jobs in Doubt


As reported in Drapers Online, where anything which happens in the drapery and haberdashery world is reported, Ethel Austin has gone into administration. In September 2009, the company re-opened the the former Woolworths stores in Thurso and Wick following that company’s failure earlier in the year.

This is the second time in two years the company has gone into administration, with MK One buying it within a month of the previous occassion. Yet, according to administrators, job losses may result:

MCR partners Geoff Bouchier, David Whitehouse and Philip Duffy were appointed joint administrators today and said that they could not rule out store closures and redundancies.

Bouchier said: “The joint administrators are trading the companies in administration in the short term with a view to finding a purchaser for the businesses as a going concern. In the current economic climate there are no guarantees that purchasers will be found. We are reviewing the financial position of the companies and are at this stage, unable to rule out store closures and redundancies.

Please Broadcast This D.E.C. Crisis Appeal


Unknown numbers of rabbits remain homeless after a spontaneous ferocious fire on Dunnet Head (and kudos to the B.B.C. News for correctly stating it’s the most northerly point on the Great Britain mainland).


(Copyright Deemac1965.)

On the day itself, there was mercifully little breeze so Thurso and, even, neighbouring villages remained unaffected. It created cool sun-downs, though.

The Head contains a designated site of Special Scientific Interest for both peat-land botany and bird life. I don’t know yet how these have been affected, although I spoke to one Ph.D. student researching peat-land microbial life who is desperately eager to have a lot.