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A Song to Nick Clegg


So I Blogged With an Axe-Murderer


… whoops, sorry. Axe-manslaughterer.

In 2005, the then LibDem leader, Charles Kennedy confirimed his Party would give the vote to serving prisoners such as murderers and rapists and paedophiles. This had followed a case brought to the ECHR by John Hirst who had been sentenced in 1980 to 15 years for manslaughter [of his landlady, Bronia Burton whom he hacked to death with an axe] and subsequently emerged as a savant legal representative in gaol.

I learned to love the LibDems because of my MP, classical Liberal and formerly Lord Lucan lookalike, the Lord Thurso. Did you know his grand^6-father, Sir John Sinclair introduced the word “statistics” to the English language, and grand^4-father, Sir Tollemache Sinclair is the oldest individual to have had his voice recorded on gramophone? His grand-father, the first Lord Thurso, was second-in-command to Winston Churchill at Ploegsteert Wood in the Great War, and later as leader of the Liberal Party.

I will vote LibDem on 6 May. Yet, here is the worst ever blog-post on the LibDem Voice blog in which a man who hacked a woman to death with an axe and then built up a track record of demanding more and more privileges for other prisoners who had shown their contempt for society in that and other more horrific ways.

John Hirst, of course, who considers it a source of pride that he was convicted ‘only’ of manslaughter and not murder (for hacking a woman to death with an axe).

I have made my case in that thread, both for removing the franchize from high-level serving prisoners and for my personal disgust at giving this narcissistic, self-centred yawning-expanse of ego airtime.

I have been called a “pathetic Tory troll” by someone who hacked a woman to death with an axe.

Is that the sound of an axe being sharpened I can hear? Thank goodness I live in the middle of nowhere!