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Is Mark MacLachlan in Meltdown?


As I discussed earlier, it is being reported that the former constituency office manager of Mike Russell, Mark MacLachlan has been arrested and charged with breach of the peace.  This relates to e-mails allegedly sent to the former following the latter’s identification as the scabrous blogonym, Montague Burton.

An individual whom I strongly suspect is MacLachlan has appeared in the annotations box for my own missive with a bizarre sneer that I am “incredibly well uniformed” (I think this means the opposite) by repeating what is in every news outlet: namely, MacLachlan’s arrest.

The reason I suspect it is the soi-dissant Big Cheese himself is that he posted as himself making similar remarks at LibDem Voice (for some reason, assuming readers would be surprised to know he had friends LibDem friends).  In response to Fitaloon’s matter-of-factly discussing MacLachlan’s arrest, an anonymous poster – with strikingly similar prose to t’others – has blustered in to take issue with Fitaloon’s use of  “had” and insist that MacLachlan’s blog has been running for six weeks.

What an odd fellow.  Especially considering saying “had run x blog” does not necessarily preclude continuation.

Blogger Mark MacLachlan Arrested


Now it gets interesting.  Mark MacLachlan, the former constituency office manager to Mike Russell (what portfolio at the Scottish Executive does he hold this week?) has been arrested and bailed for breach of the peace.

This relates to his blog, Universality of Cheese which was used to make scurrilous remarks about opposition politicians with shades of the Dolly Draper und Damian McBride scandal.  On being identified as the blog author in November 2009, it was taken down and he was resigned (correct usage of the auxiliary verb).  Russell’s responses have varied between insisting he had no knowledge of such a blog being run by his constituency office manager to pleading that he took no interest in it.

I do not think this is a case of a member of an Executive minister using the Police to arrest someone whom he wishes to sue for libel.  Instead, there are allegations that MacLachan made veiled threats against Russell in a series of e-mails in which he expected equitable arrangements to be made.

Hmm, this could end up in court.