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Book Now, Book Early!


Now that the concrete edifice of the Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang has been replaced with glass (by Orascom, the Egyptian telecommunications company which also kitted-out the electrics and communication system), I would say it has lost much of the air of awful fascination which brought the accolade “worst building in the history of mankind” (although, with the above animation by Demolition S in mind, I still have in my mind a hovercar carrying Rick Deckard to the top).

After [another] false start earlier this year, from the Guardian, we are told that it finally finally is set to open.

Next year.



And hopefully, with better Korean-to-English translation software than that used by the first responder to this Guardian poll:


02 November 2012 11:41

I welcome the opportunity that you can stay in the most valuable in the world, made ​​by the workers in the great and glorious people of exceptional architecture as a good opportunity to file a complaint with the unscrupulous South Korea

Koryo Tours – founded by British expat wideboy entrepreneur, Nick Bonner; who also has a sideline in directing romantic comedies set in the Hermit Kingdom – is organizing tours to this “enigmatic and oddly iconic” 105 storey building.

For the sake of every foreign investor’s bank balance, I hope they have taken sufficient precautions lest they wish to end-up like everyone else who have put their faith in the integrity of Juche debtors.

Ryugyong Hotel Meets Bladerunner


When I first saw the carbuncle of a building which was Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, I was read Bladerunner II: the Edge of Human by K. W. Jeter. The image of a hovercar, containing Rick Deckard became embedded in my mind.

This animation by Demolition S reinforces that impression.