Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation Betrays Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell was generally a good egg during his life which spanned 1872 to 1970. In 1963, the Bertrand Russell Foundation was established to promote his ideas and principles, and belief in social justice.

I would hope that these did not include the spirit of the most recent issue, 103 (correct as of 7 May) which accepted contributions from an identified Hamas member, Mousa Abu Marzook, and carried the following image:


Okay, the theme of presenting the symbol which appears on the Israeli flag into something menacing is old hat, and the tell-tale signs of those claiming authority from Christian principles being psychologically incapable of mentioning the I-word is commonly accepted. So let us leave that and examine the text, as given by veteran leftist and chairman of the BRPF, Ken Coates, and others.

Seismic Shock has discussed the updating of Christian antisemitism, which previously focussed on the Easter Myth and blamed Jews for deicide, as enunciated in Matthew 27:25.  The contradiction for any committed modern liberal and anti-racist imbued with the spirit of Christian charity in this is that it damns all Jews inclusive; not to mention atheists such as Coates who presumably do not believe it the text fullstop.

Progressive anti-Judaic polemicists may prefer to liken modern Israelis to the hench-men of the great baddie of the Nativity Myth, Herod the Great. This shift in presentation is noted by Seismic Shock is to deny that modern Israelis are ‘true’ Jews, and possibly the Children of Hagar discussed in Galatians 4:21/6 and posited by Anglican cleric, the Rev. Dr. Stephen Sizer.

According to all the Abrahamic traditions, Hagar was the mother of the Arab people through Ishmael.  For obviously reasons, the Islamic and Judaeo-Christian traditions consider that this affords differing ‘rights’ to modern Israel to contemporary Jews and Arabs.   As an evangelical and  proponent of replacement theology and the Children of Hagar meme, one would expect Sizer to extend this to non-Christian Arabs.

I can understand (but not necessarily find understandable) why an evangelical promoter of a supersessionary religion such as Christianity should wish non-believers to convert.  But recently was found with Christian literature in his luggage at Tehran Airport. He was at pains to assure Iranian authorities that his “primary objective is not to plant a church” but to discuss the iniquities of “Christian Zionism”. Maybe he does wish promote Christianity to non-Christian Arab or Muslim audiences.  Yet, it does not appear as as pressing a concern as having a go at Israel.

As discussed on Seismic Shock’s above article, Sizer is also a trustee of the Amos Trust, which has been accused of promoting antisemitic argument as well as assisting members of proscribed terrorist organizations.  One recent suggested Christmas present was this charming bookend.


It is also geographically incompetent, as the Magi arrived from the East so would not have encountered the security fence/barrier/great_big_evil_zionazi_apartheid_wall. If one is going to quote two thousand year old religious texts as literal truth, include everything!

With this, these so-called soi-disant Jews are now reduced to servants of Pax Romanica Pax Americana and, possibly worse than killing an adult Christ, conspiring to do away with him in the manger before the Gospel was even preached (i.e. the Massacres of the Innocents). It is this meme which Coates and the BRPF now appear to be pushing:

Herod’s mercenaries would have found it a painfully difficult labour to slaughter all the infants of Bethlehem and its environs. Today’s Herod has not been dependent on old-fashioned butchery with its exhausting exertions involving swords and knives, but can instead call up massive assistance from the modern Rome, which supplies unlimited numbers of bombs containing phosphorus and depleted uranium, and augments them with DIME munitions and F-16s.

So, back to Matthew.  But there’s more.  Modern Israelis ain’t as bad as the great anti-childminder, they are *worse*. Note also the head-scratching incomprehension that widespread killings could not be committed in the pre-Industrial era. One wonders how the various African slave-trades were conducted, or how the Conquistadors worked in the Americas, then.

The existence of anti-Jewish racism has already been explained by the sister organization of the BRPF, the Russell Foundation on Palestine, for which Ken Loach (a man who finds such sentiments “entirely understandable” states:

Nothing has been a greater instigator of anti-Semitism than the self-proclaimed Jewish state itself. Until we deal with that, until that is acknowledged, then racism, I’m afraid, will be with us.

Yes, Jews are responsible for their own misfortune. We good Christians or caring anti-war types just want to like them, but they make it so difficult for themselves. Now, where have we heard that one before?

On 2 May, BRPF co-hosted a conference entitled “Gaza: Collateral damages or premeditated attacks?”. The principle organizers were Belgium-based and Orwellian-named outfit, Alliance for Freedom and Dignity (lots of wormwood needed to stomach this) which links itself to the Moroccan Islamist group, Justice and Spirituality, headed by the less than reputable Abd Esslam Yassine.

A street party organized by the AFD can be seen:

I’m told that the chants at 5 min 20 and 8 min 1 of “Itbach, Itbach ya-Yahud” translate as “slaughter the Jews”. Not “slaughter is what the Jews do” (although that would be bad enough).

Another speaker at the originally distinctly anti-anti-war conference was self-styled specialist in international law, Spain-based Gonzalo Boye. What he does not appear to mention is that he is a convicted terrorist associated with E.T.A. following the 249 days abduction for ransom of a Spanish businessman.

So, pogromists and violent criminals and members of a genocidal religio-political party, with the largest group of Jews being considered to be the enemies of God.   Yup, this is as the PPU was in the 1930s.

First time as tragedy, second time as farce. But, what a black farce it is.

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11 Responses to “Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation Betrays Bertrand Russell”

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  2. efrafandays Says:

    Thank you for the ping-back, Seismic.

  3. seismicshock Says:

    Hey Alec, no problem :)

  4. seismicshock Says:

    Alec, I think you’ve summed it up pretty well with Sizer.

    It’s also ironic as Bertrand Russell was an atheist and would be annoyed at the president of his association nicking ideas from Christian antisemites!

  5. efrafandays Says:

    Blimey, I think the warren may collapse with all this traffic!

    I assume Coates considers himself a Marxist, so he’s got a head start. Check out his wiki entry in which he’s describes as being on the Advisory Board of Novi Plamen, concerned with “territory of the ex-Yugoslavia”… not ex-territory, even.

    I think I understand.

    I’m going to give my ‘pooter a wee rest and then add you to my blog-roll.

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  11. Bertrand Kolecza Says:

    I would like to remember that Russell was not an atheist, but an agnostic. And he did not favour marxism, as he was against communism, the great outcome of marxism. So maybe the Foundation was in some way betraying. And for those who maybe are curious, yes, my first name comes from Russell’s. My father, at the time I was born (1964) damired quite much Russell’s political ideas. And as a student of philosophy I did dedicate time reading his relevant readings.

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