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Hyperborean North MP Seeks Spin-Off Fund from the Crown Estate on Pentland Firth Leases


It would make a welcome progression from the miserable return Caithness and the surrounding area has received in terms of social finance from half a century of Dounreay.

Plans gather pace for leases to renewable developers of the Pentland Firth, local MP, with the potentially lucrative funds being in the hands of the Crown Estate.  The Aberdeen Press and Journal reports that local MP, the Lord Thurso is pressing the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osbourne for a proportion of eventual profits to be set aside for a community fund.

The Liberal Democrat MP said last night: “I asked the chancellor at a meeting of the Treasury committee how he would ensure that local communities in the north would benefit from community funds from marine renewable energy.

“He ducked the question.”

Having watched the exchange on the Parliament channel, I can agree with that sentiment.