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From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli


Far from an uncoordinated outbreak of violence following a minor online film, it became apparent in whole hours that the invasion of the US Consulate in Benghazi and subsequent murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three colleagues was pre-planned; either in revenge for the drone strike in Pakistan in June which killed al Qaeda regional commander, Abu al-Libi or vicious synchronicity to coincide with the anniversary of 11/9.

(Likewise, immediate and entirely unverified claims which could be seen to be wafer-thin by the MSM that the producer of said minor film was an Israeli Jew with the backing of over a 100 other Jews have been refuted by, amongst others, Jeffery Goldberg.  The cast of the film also appear to have been duped; believing that they were participating in a production about an unnamed Egyptian figure.)

No doubt aware of the fate of the last PotUS to have been in office during an embassy invasion, Obama has dispatched 50 US Marines to Libya to seek-out the perpetrators of this attack and, presumably, give them the “knock knock, your dead” treatment.

Buy a Fucking Shovel


The first frost in Caithness was yesterday morning (the last day of August), and the Mountaineering Council of Scotland has gone a’ Tweeting after the first snowfall of the year.

Do not worry. There still is time to buy a fucking a shovel.

Complaint to Police Regarding Caithness Councilor’s Expenses


It is being reported that a complaint has been passed to Police regarding expenses claims of a Caithness local Councillor during the May 2012 election campaign. Although not formally named, it is understood to be Landward councilor, Alex Macleod.

The complaint relates to Macleod’s non-filing of his stay at a hotel flat in Wick as part of his declarations which were £88.43 below the limit for his ward. As yet it is unclear if the first point of call were the Electoral Commission, which considered similar complaints against Conservative MP [and, admittedly, considerably more wealthy] Zac Goldsmith during the 2010 General Election.

Ultimately, Goldsmith was spared a Police investigation although he was admonished by the Electoral Commission for sharp practice. This is not the first time the question has has been of whether nor not Macleod’s expenses were made within the spirit as well as letter of the law.

Now 20, Macleod was the youngest local councilor elected in May 2012 when he made the rather grandiloquent promise that the Highland Council would “not know what hit it”.

Man Hit By Train Near Thurso


After three people were killed when the Thurso/Inverness train collided with their car at the Halkirk level-crossing on Bridge Street in 2009, general calls were made to secure the various other unfenced level-crossings across the Highland Region. This month Network Rail announced that work would begin, including a half-length barrier at Halkirk.

Whether or not the latest rail death near Thurso occurred at Halkirk, this cannot come soon enough.