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Roaring Trade in Semen in Vietnam


Get it while it is still liquid!

American Warships Return to Vietnam



USS John S. Mccain in Da Nang harbour, Vietnam. Copyright Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jessica Bidwell (US Navy).

Let us hope it is not a repeat of King Carlos’ intemperate remarks.

In events guaranteed to cause moments of extreme cognitive dissonance for anti-war activists up and down the country, this month alone has seen two American warships docking at Da Nang port in Vietnam – site of the largest American airbase during the War, and that of the final ground combat operation on 13 August 1972 – with the full welcome of the local authorities as part of commemorations of the 15th anniversary of normalization of relations between the two countries.

On 8 August, the Nimitz-class nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the USS George Washington arrived with as many crew as the population of Thurso.

Two days later, the USS John S. McCain docked at Da Nang port. Doubly significant was that it is named after the grandfather and father of noted American captive during the War.

There is no doubt that American interest is related to subduing Chinese foreign influence, especially as the George Washington previously had been holding joint exercises in the Sea of Japan with the South Korean Navy and may soon enter the Yellow Sea.