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Plural of Penis in Korean


‘Penis’ derives from ‘pēnis’ – a third declension Latin noun for tail (or, even, the male member) – so, true to the rules, could be pluralized as ‘pēnes’. As it has been adopted into English, native rules also can apply making it ‘penises’.

Never ‘penii’.

From Robert at the Marmot’s Hole, we get a hotchpotch of big cats roaming 19/20th Century Korean gold-mines; portents of doom for the reign of King Hyegong in 7th Century Korean during the Silla period, as well as his father, King Billy Gyeongdeok’s seven foot willy.

SNP MSP Invites Group Named After 1980s Animated Series


From Better Together, an SNP MSP identifies with a group called “Ninja Militant Turtles” and advocates heckling a public meeting of pro-Union supporters. David Torrance, who arrived from nowhere with a majority just 150 to win the Kirkcaldy Holyrood seat from Labour; and would appear to be another of the untested candidates whom the great panjandrum will have to contend with over the next few years.

The public meeting is to be co-hosted by Gordon Brown and Tom Devine, and Torrance provided the contact details for the former’s Westminster office. If anything, any public appearance by Brown should be allowed to proceed for sheer novelty sake.

You Can Say She Is a Dreamer


But the yogatastic Googoosha is a practical dreamer.

As if the knock to their self-image as above reproach in foreign matters following revelations of underwriting debts with North Korea and turning a blind eye to the latter’s narco-diplomacy was not bad enough, the Swedish press now is dealing with reports that the partly State owned telecommunications firm, TeliaSonera has paid backhanders to Tashkent.

Fifty Three Year Old Teenagers


For any popular popular (sic) entertainer to proclaim their support for the Conservative Party – in definance of the easy credit in calling oneself “Left-wing”, with all the unchallenged positive virtues this attracts – is intriguing. And that includes Simon Cowell.

Yet, he seems to have reached for the outrage button too readily following Martin Gore’s announcement that:

In an interview with MusicWeek, guitarist Gore reportedly said: “I’m not advocating violence but I think somebody should shoot Simon Cowell.”

What a dimbulb. Gore is 53. But a credible incitement to violence it is not, regardless of Cowell’s need to beef-up his personal security following previous and unrelated threats.

Then again, Cowell did have a point when he called Gore a “weirdo” in response to:

He [Gore] added: “His influence on the industry over the last God knows how many years… It’s just like, so many people think that’s what music is.

Gore was in Depeche Mode.

Public Display in Thurso For Tesco Plans


After three years with no traction on their Thurso site, Tesco’s lease runs out on 17 January 2013. They are seeking another three years, and this week held a public display at their current store in Thurso.

I do not go in for reflexive Tesco-bashing. Anyone who remembers the dismal selection available in Caithness shops in the 90s cannot, in all seriousness (or, rather, would not, if they were being serious) bash a major co-operation with the money to spare which gives selections otherwise found at the end of a 200 mile round-trip. And, when criticism of Tescopoly with the inevitable call for Asda as the Prince Across the Water strikes as odd considering Asda is owned by that behemoth, Wallmart… but, c’mon, this is getting ridiculous.

State of Scottish Roads


Bad editing in the listing of Noel Donaldson’s column on regarding the state of public roads in the Highlands and Islands:

Highlands & Islands road safety campaigner and MSP, David Stewart has highlighted the fact that 61% of Scotland’s road markings are barely visible.

David Stewart said “ We have about 1030km of roads in Scotland and we are the worst in the UK when it comes to the visibility of road markings. 40% of markings on our motorways and dual carriageways need immediate replacement and there is evidence which supports the fact that clear road markings can reduce road collisions”

He continued “ The Scottish Government through Transport Scotland have signed up to the maintenance standard of markings on our roads, but clearly they are falling short. I will be writing to the Transport Minister to ascertain what plans the Government have for addressing this less than satisfactory issue”

Reading that as it was written, my first thought was… only 1030 km of road in Scotland? What are we? Iceland? Checking the North Star, I see that the 1030 km figure refers to the length of sub-standard roads which rank amongst the worst in Britain.

Grim stuff, all the same.