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Gurkhas Receive Equal Rights of Settlement


All serving members of the last remaining of the “martial races” from British India, the Gurkhas, have been granted equal rights of residence in the United Kingdom after an Opposition Day Debate in the House of Commons was won. Previously this had been restricted to those who’d served after 1997 when the former regimental home, in Hong Kong, was returned to one of the Chinas.

Brown could so easily have avoided this had he divined the mood of the country and those 27 Labour M.Ps who voted against him, not to mention those others who abstained. But, like the one-eyed man who would be king, he attempted to blind everyone else, only to become the first P.M. since Callaghan in 1978 to loose an Opposition Day Debate.


Luvvie, Joanna Lumley, whose father was an officer in the 6th Gurkha Rifles, and has taken up the public campaign, was able to express her disdain for Gord. When this happens, you know the time is up.

Hello darkness, my old friend.


Osama Saeed Does Not Support Terrorism or Killing of Jews in Britain


Osama Saeed’s personal blog has been zipped-up for some weeks which may be best for a confirmed S.N.P candidate for Glasgow Central. When one looks through its records, also presumably preserved in Google Cache, one finds less circumspect descriptions of acts of suicide-terrorism against civilians in far-off conflicts.

(Religious Jews overcoming the horror in the human condition, never mind Judaism, at clearing body parts and flesh pieces after an attack in Dimona.)

These are “martyrdom operations”, and Saeed appears to have shown no discomfiture in saying so. (Although it should be made clear that he describes suicide-terrorism in Iraq under the same banner.) In October 2006, for instance, he offered Hamas – and religio-political organization which continues to adhere to its founding charter which vows to pursue Jews to behind the last tree – kudos for restraining from such “martyrdom operations for two years” then.

The last great act of multiple murder had taken place on 31 August 2004 as 16 bus passengers were died in at double-bombing at Beersheba. Much as I would like to think that Hamas Warren then found a love for its brethren and sistren in the Covenant of Frith, I suspect the subsequent downturn was due to the construction of the security barrier or fence or great big evil Apartheid wall, call it what you may.

Saeed then states:

They have said that if Israel withdraw from territories occupied in 1967, to the UN green line, then there will be a longstanding peace, with final issues decided by future generations.

So, in the world up the trouser leg, Hamas is to get credit for not sending walking-bombs, some containing shrapnel laced with rat-poison, to kill as many bystanders as possible.

But, here’s what the current Hamas bureau chief, Khaled Meshaal, says about Hamas’ attitude towards a return to the 1967 boundaries:

We consider this positive step but we have the right in all Palestine.

Thus, in Meshaal’s mind and – one would assume if he so clearly endorses Hamas – that of Saeed, business would be expected to go on as normal lest Israeli society committed mass-erasure. No decisions have to be made by future generations. Members of this generation have decided they would carry on.

Finally, I’ll leave you with the [translated] words of Kemal El-Helbawy, a London-based Islamist whom Saeed’s fiefdom the Scottish Islamist Islamic Foundation has entertained under an event entitled Dear Beloved Son:

A child born in Israel is raised on the belief that [the Arabs] are like contemptible sheep, and that this is a land without a people, and they are a people without a land. They have very strange concepts. In elementary school, they pose the following math problem: “In your village, there are 100 Arabs. If you killed 40, how many Arabs would be left for you to kill?” This is taught in the Israeli curriculum. What would you say about that? Should a child studying this be considered a civilian? He is a future soldier.

(Subscription may be required.)

How could anyone wish to kill Israeli children? They’re just so squ-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e cute!

Kosher Martial Arts


Practised in hilltop yeshivas for almost four thousand years, Jew Jitsu is like krav maga. Only funnier.

UPDATE – I’ve discovered that a mate of a mate, although not the performer above, is an Orthodox Jew who’s also a Kung Fu master called Nick Sporek. There are quite a few people whom I’d wish to lock in a room with half a dozen members of the Golani Brigade. Or one Nick Sporek.

UPDATE2 – The performer in the first video is Yehoshua Sofer, grand master of the Biblical martial art Abir.

Please Broadcast This D.E.C. Crisis Appeal


Unknown numbers of rabbits remain homeless after a spontaneous ferocious fire on Dunnet Head (and kudos to the B.B.C. News for correctly stating it’s the most northerly point on the Great Britain mainland).


(Copyright Deemac1965.)

On the day itself, there was mercifully little breeze so Thurso and, even, neighbouring villages remained unaffected. It created cool sun-downs, though.

The Head contains a designated site of Special Scientific Interest for both peat-land botany and bird life. I don’t know yet how these have been affected, although I spoke to one Ph.D. student researching peat-land microbial life who is desperately eager to have a lot.

Quilliam Foundation: Harbingers of English Neo-Colonialism


Or, at least, that’s what an un-named civil servant in the Calvinist Republic of Scotland appears to think in response to a somewhat more measured release from the Quilliam Foundation concerning the Scottish National Party’s endorsement of Osama Saeed as the candidate for the Glasgow Central Westminster constituency.

Saeed, who blogs at Rolled-Up Trouser Snake Rolled-Up Trousers has been quiet of late on his unapologetic former membership of the Muslim Brotherhood orientated Muslim Association of Britain (as opposed to self-publicized and apologetic former membership of Hizb ut Tahir by such founding members of Quilliam, Maajid Nawaz, ‘Ed’ Hussain and Rashaad Aliand) and support for the likes of Egypt-based Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

Nor does he like to be reminded of the time when, in November 2006, he informed a meeting of an Islamic society at Dundee University that co-operation with Tayside Special Branch should be a highly rationed commodity (and preferably conducted through the likes of him). His initial attempts at outright denial had to be mitigated when an audio-recording came to light.

Anyhoo, this new-found retiscence may have something to do with his candidacy, as well as his directorship of the Scottish Islamist Islamic Foundation which began to received some £400,000 of U.K. taxpayers money courtesy of the minority S.N.P. adminstration just a few months after being founded in January 2008. All according to rules of tending written with it in mind, and ably assisted by a good few other Snuppie activitists and members.

Saeed, who describes one Anwar al Awlaki – a American of Yemeni-background who collates methods of violent jihad – as a preacher of peace – has also introduced several hugglebunnies to Scottish Parliament ministers. These include President of the British Muslim Initiative, Mohammed Salwar, whom U.S. courts and B.B.C. Panorama have named as a fugitive Hamas commander, and who got into a spot of bother recently when he attempted to sue over reports that he had warned against something he called the “Jewish evil”; and Azzam Tamimi, a former director or the M.A.B. and whom Saeed recommends one reads, who says he would self-detonate amongst Israeli civilians if only he were given a visa.

Tamimi can be seen here in his rant-mode (he also has a polite-mode). It’s an Israeli site! It’s a mistranslation! Oh, it’s in English. (Warning, it is a distressing overflow of a cup of wormwood.)

Other associates and guests of Saeed in his business at S.I.F. include London-based Kemal El-Helbawy, who was reported on B.B.C. Arabic as designating Israeli/Jewish children as young as two as legitimate targets; and Ismail Patel, who knows what Jews should and should not believe, and rails against Zionist sport.

Scotland has a long and inglorious history of religious sectarianism, and when I look at the willingness of Alex “Fish-heid McMoonface” Salmond to accomodated jacobite jihadis, I hope that the un-marvellous works that he hath done, his wonders, and the judgments of his mouth will be remembered forevermore.

Let me leave the reader with a little chat he and Saeed had:

(Note, this is in pure Scottish.)

Saeed appears to believe that many Scottish Muslims “feel more Scottish than the white indigenous community”. Huh?

Now, where did I leave my badge?


I’m Feeling a Little Bit Sick



This is how people partied in 1999.

What Could You Do in 15 Seconds?


Take a leak? Fumble inexpertly with a woman? Flee from raining death?

I’ll write about at length, at some point, that the current S.N.P. Westminster candidate for Glasgow Central is one Muslim Brotherhood-alligned Osama Saeed who, in addition to inviting the likes of Kemal El-Hebawy (who has been translated on B.B.C. Arabic Service as suggesting that Israeli/Jewish children as young as two are legitimate targets on account of their being “future soldiers”) and Mohammed Sawalha (named by B.B.C. Panorama and U.S. courts as a fugitive Hamas commander) to speak with Scottish Parliament ministers, has described suicide-terrorism against civilians as “martyrdom operations”.

Taj Mahal Destroyed by Fire


Possibly the most northerly Indian take-away on the British mainland, the Taj Mahal in Castletown, was completely gutted by fire in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

Taj Mahal ruins

Undoubtedly the most dramatic thing to have happened in Castletown since… well… it must have been dramatic.

When I lived in Castletown, this was a greasy-spoon caff, but since became “the most popular curry house in Caithness” (stop that laughing at the back). There are dark hints of sabotage, although not by the owners, which mercifully didn’t result in any injuries (doubly-so as it was next to the local garage and petrol station).

A terrible shame.

I Take Responsibility


Well, Yasmin Alibhai Brown was overegging the pudding when she declared that the financial crash was down to “men, white men to be precise” (forgetting about Fannie Mae’s Franklin Raines, Merrill Lynch’s Stan O’Neal, and Countrywide and Indy Mac’s Angelo Mozilo. But, as it’s all the rage, let me take full responsibility; for my tribesmen Fred Goodwin and Gordon Brown.

It’s Herbert Lom!